• Our Process

    Our Process

    Building Strong Learners. Building School Communities

    Building Learners: Each day we work with students to build them up as learners. We focus on building strong relationships with tutors and build student confidence around homework and reading.

    Building Community: B&B builds connections with the local school community and draws additional Evanston resources to the local school. We partner regularly with teachers, parents, the PTA, Northwestern University and many other Evanston organizations."
"At first I never did homework.  I hated it and didn't care.  But then I realized I could do it!  An then I realized if I did it - I could actually get better grades.  Books & Breakfast made a big difference for me." Hector, a student

For The Students

Students are recommended by a teacher based on their observations in the classrooms for additional needs. Those students are then invited to participate and are served a protein rich nutritious morning meal to start their day. The consistency of a meal, develops into a life habit for most, that they may not get at home. Tutors, who quickly get to know the students and how best to help them are available after breakfast for academic coaching. Each day, tutors inquire with students about what homework they have and the approach is often positioned as "what are we going to work on today"? Taking this position presents it to the student as an expectation. That daily expectation helps to reinforce a student's study habits and grooms their own expectations for themselves.

As study habits develop, self-worth and confidence grow, those qualities translate to the classroom and teachers often will notice a class environment with students closer to the same level in their academics, with less disruptions overall, and happier students eager to learn.

Books & Breakfast connects resources to schools and helps students develop their own self-awareness, with skills and habits that translate across classrooms, communities, families and shapes futures.


"B&B has been a rewarding experience. The program has allowed me to influence kids so they feel empowered to learn, ask questions and to be the best they can be." Jason McKinney, a Volunteer Tutor            

For The Community

Books & Breakfast builds connections within the local school community and draws additional Evanston resources to the local school. Connections are built through: Partnerships with Teaching Staff, Parent Engagement, Working with the PTA and Leveraging External Resources.

These strategies build our school community's capacity to support our students.